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Estate of Jeffrey Lewis v. City of Waukegan

Jeffrey Lewis was a 17 year old in Lake County, Illinois who got into a tussle with his older brother. Their mother, who just got out of the hospital, called 911 for assistance in calming down the boys. The boys took their fight to the front yard of their house. Eventually two police officers arrived. One officer held the older brother in a bear hug, while the other officer grabbed a hammer wielding younger brother and threw him across the yard. Dash cam video showed that after throwing the younger boy across the yard out of the reach of danger, that officer lifted his gun and shot, took a step forward and lowered his gun as the boy fell to the ground and shot a second time; then that same officer took another step forward and shot the boy a third time as he lay on the ground. The City of Waukegan settled for just under $1m.